African Woman Print Handbag Afro Women Shoulder Bags Ladies Underarm Women Bag

African Woman Print Handbag Afro Women Shoulder Bags Ladies Underarm Women Bag

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If you want to have a good matching effect, you must first choose a bag of the right color according to the color of the clothes.

If the color is wrong, no matter how beautiful the style is and how beautiful the design is, it will be very awkward,

and the color matching should pay attention to a principle, the principle of matching colors.

that is, two colors of the same color with different shades are matched together, or two colors that are similar in the color spectrum are matched together,

which are all near-color matching. This kind of collocation is not as dull as the same color collocation, and it is not too conspicuous,

giving people a calm feeling. I think this is a relatively advanced way of collocation.

In addition to choosing bags of similar colors according to the color of the clothes, in different seasons, you also need to choose bags of the right color to match well.

Different colors of bags are selected in different seasons, mainly to make them more harmonious.

In summer, bags should be mainly light colors or light solid colors, otherwise it will make people feel dazzling;

winter bags should choose slightly darker colors. , in order to better match with winter; in spring and autumn,

when choosing bags, soft tones are basically the main color, mainly depends on the color of the clothes, and choose bags of similar colors to match.

Of course, there are also colors that are not so picky, such as the versatile black, whether it is a formal occasion or a casual life, a black bag can be easily controlled.

right size

When choosing a bag, in addition to choosing the right color, you also need to choose the right size.

The choice of bag size should fully consider your body shape, and the overall harmony is the most important!

For small girls, don’t choose a bag that is too large, it will make people feel that the bag is the main body,

and you are the supporting role of the bag, which is very discordant; on the contrary, for tall girls, it is To choose a larger bag, too small a bag is easy to appear not enough atmosphere.

styles for different occasions

In addition, choosing a bag depends on the occasion you are attending. If you are going to work, you can choose a simpler style,

which can highlight your own taste and have a more professional image; if you are meeting customers, you must choose a larger practical one.

It is a small bag, which is convenient for carrying information; if you are going out shopping with your sisters, you can choose a more casual bag,

which looks more energetic and will look better when taking pictures.

Availability: 300 in stock

$ 30.00

Availability: 300 in stock

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