Kaolin Edible Clay Chunks (Kaun, Potash, Akanwu, Kanwa)

Kaolin Edible Clay Chunks (Kaun, Potash, Akanwu, Kanwa)

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This item: Kaolin Edible Clay Chunks (Kaun) Natural for Eating (Food), Net Weight 300gm

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$ 4.37

Availability: 50 in stock

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Product Description

Benefits of Kaun Potash

Kaun is edible and is usally used for cooking beans (most ypes of beans). It can also be added to ewedu and okro soup (Nigerian Soups) during preparation in order to boost the viscosity as well as to increase greeness and texture of the vegetables. Also used while preparing local dished like abacha and nkwobi.

Kaun solution can be used as a preservative and when mixed with water and applied to tooth to relieve toothache.

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