Nigerian Black Soap – 500g

Nigerian Black Soap – 500g

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Country Of Origin: Nigeria

The unique set of ingredients in the Nigerian black soap makes it an excellent product for reducing scars and blemishes. The , red palm oil and fatty acids present in the soap helps in reducing stretch marks and spots.

The soap also contains that not only helps in boosting your collagen production but also repairs your skin tissues. Additionally, the red palm oil is an excellent source of vitamin E that can enable you attain a healthy skin.

Palm oil is rich in lineleric acid, oleic acid, and beta-carotene that helps in healing and preventing acne breakouts. Additionally, the fats feature anti-inflammatory properties that create a barrier which helps retain moisture.

The African black soap utilizes plantain peels and cocoa pods which are considered an excellent source of antioxidants. All these ingredients provides you will a diverse mix of flannonoids and phenolics that work in synergy with each other. They work together to help in fighting free radical damage which is a great contributor to the physical signs of aging.

A study conducted by the U.S national library of medicine indicated that cocoa pods, a key ingredient in the African black soap, can inhibit the tyrosinase activity which in turn results in a lighter skin tone.

Black African soap provide deep hydration while at the same time soothing the pain and swelling that comes as a result of the eczema flare-up. The organic the grainy quantity of the soap makes it a gentle exfoliator.

Availability: 800 in stock

$ 5.00

Availability: 800 in stock

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Product Description

Getting rid of the dead skin is one of the ways that can bring out your natural glow and the African black soap not only get rid of the grime and dirt from the pores but it also removes dead cells and pulls out bacteria.

The African black soap not only acts as a cleanser and moisturizer, but you can greatly benefit from its healing properties which include minimizing of blemishes and scars as well as treating acne.

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